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Oakland Lacrosse Club Fundraiser Recap

Barbary Coast is a huge supporter of the Oakland Lacrosse Club, a non-profit that uses lacrosse as a vehicle to advoce for the importance of secondary education, promote health and wellness, and connect young people with positive mentors.  The organization supports 80+ public high school and middle school students in Oakland, CA.

On November 20, 2014, OLC hosted a fundraiser and, in standard form, the Barbary contingent was the last group to leave the 111 Minna Gallery and shut down the bar.  Not to be overshadowed by the fact that BC donated more than any other team in the NCLA, Tom Jackson reportedly took over the dj booth, providing the soundtrack for a memorable showing on the dance floor.

Those interested in getting involved with Oakland Lacrosse Club in any way should talk to Scott Atkinson.

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