Game Recaps

BC Wrapping Regular Season & Looking Toward Playoffs


What makes a team?

Is it a catchy name- conjuring thoughts of past glory, steeped in history and tradition? Check.

Is it a flashy logo- a sigil under and around which comrades can rally their collective cries? Check (and now with a mustache!).

Is it some sexy sweaters- jerseys that balance comfort, performance, and ‘ugly’ style just so? Check… back later.

While all the above may help to project the image of a team, it is of course the ‘mates that make a team. Countless times over the course of this 2014 season thus far, Barbary Coast has risen to the challenge and shown the meaning of the word. (Seriously, Team Den Mother, Scott Atkinson, called up Paul Merriam and Martha Webster and told them both to take the rest of the year off- or, at least, not to worry about the space in their big book between “tea bag” and “tear drop”- he was taking care of it.)

Whether it was pulling out two nail biting, barn burning victories over perennial competitor Marin; ensuring no one got arrested and every man made it back safely from Scottsdale, AZ; or, most recently, igniting a fire in the 4th quarter to storm back from a four goal defecit to beat Cali Love in OTR and avenge last year’s early playoff exit, BC continually sought to embody team lacrosse.

It has been a hell of a season thus far (albeit a relatively “radio silent” one- a lamentable fact for which this writer apologizes), but it is far from over. BC looks to strap it up (NOT “on,” Pat…) and dial it in for what promises to be some high-level action this Saturday (5/31) against annual nemesis, Olympic Club. OClub capitalized on some schedule massaging earlier in the season and played BC the day after an emotionally draining win over Marin. This weekend the team will be fresh and looking to settle some scores in the W-L columns.

All of this is just delicious appetizers before the second season of playoffs begins on June 14, so stay tuned and, as always,