Game Recaps

BC Rises Above Eastbay Athletics in Berkeley Showdown

Eastbay held a close game with BC until the fourth quarter when Barbary pulled away for a 15 – 9 win over one of the league’s newest additions.

The game was marked by hard-fought, team-oriented play with more than 10 BC goals being assisted.  The record will reflect that Nick Richards assisted all of his own goals. Offensive highlights included 4 buckets from Matt Graupmann, another strong midfield showing by Logan Quinn, and a coldblooded Colin Short at attack.

Pat Connelly, Joe Zingone, and Connor ‘Big Tree Fall Hard’ Handy held the line on defense, providing ardent support to Tyler Page in goal.  Frank Cuneo supplemented the strong defensive effort with an unsettled behind-the-back goal.

BC will play the home course next weekend against CaliLove in Sausalito.