Game Recaps

BC Jumps to 4 and 0 after Defeating CaliLove

Saturday. Sausalito. Sunshine, lacrosse, victory, family/friends, cold beer.

Another league game down for Barbary Coast as the squad remains undefeated, climbing to 4-0 in the 2016 season.  BC and CaliLove followed up a close battle between Marin and Olympic Club on Saturday, April 30th.  The first half was somewhat sloppy with unforced turnovers and wide-shots keeping BC from getting into an offensive rhythm.  Fortunately, Kevin “Shaolin” Nguyen graced the team with his presence after returning from sabbatical in Cabo San Lucas, carrying the team early in the game with a hat-trick in the first quarter.  Aggressive slides by Dayton Gilbreath and Connor Handy augmented several key stops by Tyler Page which kept BC ahead by a goal at half (4-3).

With Matt Levy hopping into cage for the second half and scrappy, physical play by the Matt Rudough, Kyle Jordan, and Frank Cuneo faceoff unit, BC eased into more consistent possessions and offensive flow in the second half.  Goals from Kevin Busch, Dick Lizards, Dan Vilar, and Dean Granoff allowed BC to stay out front, outscoring CaliLove 5-2 in the second half.  The final whistle found BC with 9 goals and CaliLove with 5.

Post-game celebrations continued into the evening, with several BC members ending up at the new Barbary Coast Bar/Restaurant in North Beach, SF.  Up next for BC are several key games that are sure to be close, the team will take on the talented Marin and ever-threatening Olympic Club in the weeks to come.  See you Saturday, May 7th, at 10:00am in Sausalito for the Marin game.