Game Recaps

BC Fighting Its Way Back in 10-7 Win Over San Francisco LC

BC took the field against San Francisco Lacrosse Club in a chilly, mid-week game held later in the evening with an 8:00 pm start-time.

The game started off with a bang, BC causing a turnover off the first face-off, snagging the GB, and executing several tic-tac-toe passes resulting in a behind-the-back goal from LSM Frank “Hitman” Cuneo, who returns to the field after being sidelined with an injury for 3 weeks. The Barbary face-off unit was tough to stop, Yosef Becher and Dick Lizards winning nearly all their first half draws to afford BC extra possessions. In an absolutely shocking turn of events, Dean Granoff had not one but three goals in the first quarter, from the wing, feet set, underhand. Strong offensive play was supplemented by the BC midfield with goal contributions from Kevin Busch, Kyle Jordan, and Steve Caditz and attackmen Greg Rose, Colin Short, and Max Tcheyan.

George Valenzuela led Barbary’s defensive effort, delivering a rock-solid performance the entire game and throwing out kick-saves left and right. ¬†Notable defensive performances from Scott Atkinson, Andrew Klontz, Connor Handy, Tyler Kreitz, and Liam Murphy kept the SFLC offense out of alignment.

Barbary will take on Marin LC a third time in BC’s last regular season game on Friday, June 2nd, at Beach Chalet Fields at 8:00 pm.