Game Recaps

BC 8 – Marin 6 in Second Meeting of 2016

Thursday night, Beach Chalet Sports Complex, West end of Golden Gate Park, SF. Turf, field lights, beach in sight. Barbary Coast faces off against Marin for a weeknight game, BC’s second of three games in one week.

BC came out fired up and ready to play, jumping out to an early lead thanks to dominant faceoff play by Matt Rudow, Kyle Jordan, Frank Cuneo, and Nigel Carr.  Goals from Steve Caditz (1), Cito Williams (2), and Kevin Nguyen (2) gave BC a 5-0 lead at halftime. Shout out to Tyler Page for a stellar first-half performance in cage.  Marin, always talented and never out of the game, rallied back with a deliberate 2-man game from X and strong off-ball movement, giving them 4 quick goals early in the third quarter.  BC doubled down on defense with standout play by Tom Jackson directing traffic, Mik Tareen the ground ball machine, Frankie “BTB Everything” Cuneo, and a merciless Dayton Gilbreath playing physical defense that shut down Marin’s offense rhythm. Second half goals by Kevin “Kibblez&Bitz” Busch, Dick Lizards, and Colin Short allowed BC to slide into another 8-6 victory by the end of the game.

Celebrity sitings aplenty on the sidelines, with cameo appearances by Chris Clark, Cort Kim, and Adi Taylor.  In true veteran form, this crew led everyone across the fence to Beach Chalet for post-game libations. Big shout out Chris Clark for footing the bill and keeping everyone hydrated. Overall, a well-executed BC gameplan trumped a strong and deliberate effort by Marin – we look forward to seeing them again in the 2016 Playoffs – not a game to miss!