Game Recaps

Barbary Skips Past Marin in OT Win

A rained-out Saturday rematch again Marin was moved to a Wednesday night showdown at Morton Field in the Presidio less than 24 hours after the two-for-one Cinco De Mayo/Taco Tuesday.

In painful memory of the 2014 playoff game – same opponent, same field – Barbary Coast was slow to start, slipping to a 4-0 deficit at the end of the first half of play.  After a speedy recalibration at halftime, Kevin “Shaolin” Nguyen put BC on the board with a cheeky between-the-legs goal.  Marin immediately matched this effort with a goal off of the ensuing faceoff. The BC defense would hold, allowing for a 4 goal run that included a Logan Quinn goal, a top-corner laser from Kevin Busch, and a speed-dodge to double-pipe by Max T.  Scott Tompkins evened the score with a finalizer, starting a back-and-forth between the teams until the end of the game.

BC saw it’s first lead of the game in the 4th quarter when Kevin Busch threaded the needle to Nick Richards for an outside shot. Shortly thereafter Marin scored on a diving collision at GLE. Not to be denied, Scott Tompkins pushed BC ahead again by a goal. Marin answered on a goal that I can’t remember because it wasn’t #tight. Nearing the end of the 4th, Marin had one final attempt that was picked off and cleared by Frank Cuneo. Regulation ended at 7-7 and the teams quickly headed into overtime with sunlight fading over the Presidio.

Marin earned the first look with a shot off of a broken play that was met by a Matt Levy kick save.  The ball bounced precariously in front of the BC crease but was promptly scooped (be sure to get that GB stat, scorekeepers) by none other than Tom “About That Action” Jackson who dished the ball in traffic to an effervescent Matt Rudow.  Rudow pushed transition to Tompkins who initiated from behind and ultimately found Frank “Hitman” Cuneo falling, backhand with the longpole for the win.

BC celebrated a team-win with pitchers at the Final Final courtesy of the Kimbros. There was a cameo appearance by a vested Chris Clark just as the sun set. BC moves to 6-1 headed into the first ever BC Alumni weekend on Saturday.

Pictured below is a victorious BC congratulating Frank Cuneo and the Kimbros facilitating post-game rehydration efforts.

unnamed IMG_6582