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Barbary Coast downs San Francisco 14-2 in Season Opener

Barbary Coast kicked off its 2014 season (a campaign for which the retrospective Sports Illustrated commemorative video (with accompanying commemorative, limited edition hooded sweatshirt) has been tentatively titled “Road to Redemption”) on a strong note this past¬†Saturday, earning a 14-2 victory over San Francisco Lacrosse Club.
The team, fueled throughout by Brett “Magic Time” Heim’s near perfect dominance on face-offs, came out hard and fast from first whistle (so this tardy reporter has been told) and kept on the pressure on its way to a truly complete victory. Quality play pervaded the actions in all facets of the game- effective doubles on defense and rides, brutal in their relentlessness, put the ball on the carpet early and often; composed and efficient offensive play, steely in resolve and icy in demeanor, ensured that the goals and good vibes got heartily shared.
The game was graced with a very special guest in Max Tcheyan (gesundheit), a bicoastal BC’er to whom the only thing that came easier than his hat trick was his requisite hip swagger. Other standout performances include perrenial retirement-threatener Pat Lorian’s perfect day of action, handing SF a big goose egg for the first half, and Kevin Nguyen refusing to show signs of fatigue, even after independently covering the entire SF clear in the third quarter.
Those versed in mathematics may observe that at this current rate BC is on pace to have an undefeated season. However, the team is thinking of nothing other than or beyond its upcoming game against rival Olympic Club. Happy 2014!

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